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UTS in Practice: AICC Entrepreneur Breakfast with Dr. Jochen Schweitzer;, Rachel Setti, Dr. Tim Rayner and Jonathan Deane - 22 September 2016

We were delighted to host our third UTS Breakfast with Rachel Setti, Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach, Rachel Setti Consulting; Jonathan Deane, Chief Innovation Officer, AMP; Dr. Tim Rayner, Digital Philosopher and Dr. Jochen Schweitzer, Director MBA in Entrepreneurship, UTS .

The purpose of thisbriefing was to discuss contemporary perspectives on how organisations can create a culture that embraces and stimulates creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. The panelists will share their views and experiences and consider common enablers as well as barriers to innovation as they apply to different organisations.

Rachel Setti Organisational Psychologist, executive coach, psychotherapist, trainer and speaker with over 20 years of international experience.  Rachel partners with her corporate clients to maximise human potential by empowering leaders and their teams to enhance their interpersonal impact and influencing capacity.  She is a regular speaker and contributor to professional journals on matters relating to leadership, career, personal productivity and mental health at work.  A registered psychologist supervisor, she sits on advisory panels such as the Australian Psychological Society’s Private Practice Group, advising on pertinent matters relating to the application of corporate psychology.

Jonathan Deane's broader innovation responsibilities include building AMP’s Human Centred Design (HCD) capability and leading AMP's Corporate Venture Capital team (CVC) where AMP is looking to invest in FinTech Startups to accelerate the organisation's ability to deliver new services to customers and create strategic optionality.

Dr. Tim Rayner teaches 'Leadership, Teams and Scalability' in the MBAe Program at UTS. He has lectured on ancient, modern, and postmodern philosophy at the University of Sydney and the University of NSW. Tim is the author of Life Changing: A Philosophical Guide (2nd ed., 2016), and the collaborative short film ‘Coalition of the Willing’ (2010). ‘Coalition of the Willing’ won the Grand Jury Prize (Real Life Category) at the 2010 Hampton International Film Festival, Best Short Film at the 2011 San Francisco Green Film Festival, and Best Environmental Short at 2011 FlickerFest Sydney.

Dr Jochen Schweitzer teaches Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is the Director of the  MBA Entrepreneurship at the UTS Business School. He is also Research Stream Leader for Strategy and Creativity at the Center for Management and Organisation Studies (CMOS) and Founder/Director of U.lab, a multidisciplinary innovation hub.

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