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Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Australia & New Zealand, 30 March 2016


Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Australia & New Zealand addressed a private AICC-KPMG Boardroom Lunch for 22 senior business executives in an interactive discussion where Kevin discussed the “IoT & Digital Transformation: Moving from Human-Scale to Machine-Scale”.‘ This lunch was proudly partnered by KPMG.

Kevin discussed how technology and in particular the Internet of Things (IoT) has precipitated the fourth industrial revolution characterised by a fusion of technologies across the physical, digital and biological worlds.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the merging of the physical world with the digital world. This is done by deploying sensors that provide data that enable people to make faster, smarter decisions and/or enable processes to be automated. The data can also be used to predict change before it happens thereby potentially saving lives, saving cost or minimising downtime. Cisco estimates that today there are approximately 10 billion devices connected to the internet and that this number will rise 50 billion by 2020.

Kevin is privileged to lead the strategy and technology direction in Australia and New Zealand for a world–class business. With the team, Kevin shapes Cisco's strategy to enable its customers to create value based on the technology platforms they build and the transformations they undertake. Kevin has been leading Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics agendas including VC investments, education and establishing IoT Innovation Centres in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.


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