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UTS in Practice: AICC YBF Entrepreneur breakfast UTS in Practice: "Generating Business Value Through Sustainability", 10 Sept 2015


Leading businesses around the world have recognised that action on sustainability does not need to come at the cost of bottom line profits. In fact, more and more organisations are embracing sustainability as a way to achieve fundamental business outcomes, such as winning new business, retaining clients, engaging staff and reducing costs.

Fuji Xerox Australia is a front-runner in this area. With a leadership approach to its own corporate responsibility and a focus on providing high quality but sustainable products and services, Fuji Xerox Australia is proving how sustainability is enabling it to win the game in its own highly competitive markets. Please join us for this thought provoking discussion with the opportunity for Q&A and networking.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Lachlan Feggans, National Environment Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia - Having worked in the sustainability field for 14 years, Lachlan’s role translates the complexity of global environmental impacts into the day-to-day operations of the organisation. This includes managing the environmental compliance and performance of the organisation as well as identifying opportunities for differentiation with sustainable products and services.
  • James Lewis, Sales & Marketing Director, Climate Friendly - James combines management, business development, research and consultancy experience across a range of sustainability related issues. Previously he worked at The Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS where he completed projects in the wind power industry, development of sustainability strategies, creation of training programs to improve energy efficiency and carbon footprinting services.
  • Tim Williams, Lecturer in Sustainability, Strategy and Innovation, UTS Business School - Tim is a leading Australian sustainability and public affairs strategist and educator. His experience includes work on best practice outcomes at the Westpac Group, a sustainability first-mover and global benchmark. Tim offers leading-edge thinking from global research networks and lectures at post-graduate level in strategic management, sustainability and innovation.


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