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"Vision for Innovation Online: making your business relevant" - with William Easton, MD, Facebook ANZ; Cliff Rosenberg, MD, LinkedIn A/NZ & SE Asia and Karen Ganschow, GM CRM, Westpac - 25 November 2014


William Easton, MD, Facebook ANZ; Cliff Rosenberg, MD, LinkedIn A/NZ & SE Asia and Karen Ganschow, GM CRM, Westpac  addressed a Vision Series Lunch for almost 300 business executives.  Business Editor & Channel Manager of Sky News Business, James Daggar-Nickson moderated discussion around the topic, “Vision for Innovation Online: making your business relevant”.  This lunch was proudly sponsored by Optus.

“If you gave your people the ability to fail, what could they achieve?” William Easton, Director of Facebook Australia & New Zealand

If you were unfortunate enough to miss out on our last major business lunch of the year, you will have missed this thought instigating quote amongst many other insights from three key Australian business leaders.

Taking to the stage on Tuesday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, the experienced panelists shared their insider knowledge including a focus on how best to approach big data. They also shared key business principles on using social media and online channels to benefit both businesses and customers.

The three speakers all agreed that businesses who have the opportunity to access big data, don’t necessarily benefit from it, unless they can commit the investment to turn those numbers into insights. 

William Easton, said: “The reality is that big data has absolutely no value unless you can build insights. And insights have no value unless you can distribute those insights in the right format to the right people… to make the right business decisions to ultimately drive efficiencies and P/L sales.”

Karen Ganschow, agreed that big data is about constant iteration and getting the insight quickly to the people who can action it. Getting this information to the frontline is quite achievable when you factor in that big data can now be turned over in a matter of days.

Discussing the importance of using new online tools, our speakers collectively agreed that you have to allow for failure and accept that if you are to push boundaries, you’re not going to get everything right. Cliff Rosenberg, noted that every professional should be in constant Beta mode, constantly re-inventing and re-evaluating themselves and situations in order to drive innovation.

Easton remarked that companies need to embrace failure and that businesses who were getting it 100% right are probably just doing what everyone else is doing whereas Facebook would be happy if they got 50% of it right.

William Easton
As MD of the largest social network platform in Australia and NZ, William's background in the digital realm spans not only his current role, but also executive roles with Google, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. His knowledge and experience gave insights into how the integration of social and online media can be an effective way to achieve your business objectives.

Cliff Rosenberg
Having been responsible for establishing the Australian/NZ office for the world's largest professional network, Cliff has seen first-hand the phenomenal growth rate of the platform. And now, with most Australian professionals maintaining a LinkedIn profile, Cliff revealed best-practice techniques that will help transform your business and get the most from this vital networking tool.

Karen Ganschow
Karen led the launch of Westpac's "KnowMe" program - a next-generation customer relations initiative that enables the bank to provide customers with better interactions both online and offline through the effective use of data. Karen brings a wealth of knowledge on how new digital tools can help increase customer satisfaction & drive sales.

James Daggar-Nickson
James is Channel Manager/Business Editor at SKY NEWS Business. James is responsible for co-ordinating the delivery of business focused content and breaking business news here and overseas. He also heads a team of business journalists, delivering Australia's only 24 hour dedicated business news channel. From overseeing many international and domestic news events to hosting channel programs, James’ business expertise spans the breadth of the industry.

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