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Dr Lara Moroko, Lecturer in Management, MGSM and James Elliott, General Manager, Talent Acquisition, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 13 September 2013

Lara and James addressed a Young Business Forum reception attended by 55 professionals where they discussed “The Power of Employer Branding” Getting the most out of HR and Marketing Strategy. This event was proudly hosted by Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Over the last decade, leading companies world-wide have begun to acknowledge the synergies between marketing and human resources strategy. Positive corporate reputation enhances desirability as an employer, attracting employees who can best deliver on business objectives, which creates success, feeding into further positive corporate reputation and employee engagement.

This “virtuous circle” of employer branding has been embraced by the likes of Google, P&G, Deloitte and Diageo as a deliberate approach to enhance strategic flexibility and market performance. By understanding how marketing and HR strategy interact, companies like these have been able to create and sustain competitive advantage.

Dr Lara Moroko (Lecturer in Management, MGSM) will present the latest research on best-practice employer branding. Drawing on extensive cross-industry analysis Lara uncovered the key business activities and processes that result in successful employer branding outcomes.

James Elliott
(General Manager, Talent Acquisition, Commonwealth Bank of Australia) is responsible for all recruiting activity across the CBA Group - 52,000 employees across multiple brands and locations. James discussed the challenges and benefits of employer branding in practice, based on his extensive experience with employer brand development and rollout. Having participated in the application of global best practice in the local context, James also explored the value of employer branding for organisational talent, culture, engagement and retention programs.

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