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Dr Lars Groeger, MGSM and Kym Aust-Howlett, General Manager of Marketing and Commercial, New South Wales Rugby Union and Waratahs Rugby, 3 April 2013

Lars and Kym addressed a Young Business Forum reception attended by 55 professionals where they discussed “Marketing Trends for 2013 Beyond Social Media Tactics” The Impact of Global Marketing Trends.  This event was proudly hosted by Macquarie Graduate School of Management. 

2010 and 2011 was an era of social media experimentation. By 2012 most CEOs understood the positive and negative impacts of social media; questions evolved from ‘what is social media’ to ‘how do we leverage social media this year?’

In 2013 countless tactical social efforts will be abandoned as companies realise that the Facebook page and YouTube channel do not align with their marketing strategies.

Marketing leaders, who are facing increased levels of board accountability and are under increased pressure to demonstrate tangible ROI, are realising that success comes from pursuing higher-order goals, simplifying customers’ lives in a transparent, simple way.

Lars discussed the latest global marketing trends, the underlying changes to consumers’ experiences and how this relates to strategic marketing management.

Kym is responsible for all elements of strategic marketing management, from planning through to the execution of event operations, marketing and communications. She discussed her vast experience in the field of communication, and its impact on her business.

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