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The Hon. Shalom Simhon, Israel's Minister of Industry, Trade and Labour, 1 March 2012.


Minister Simhon addressed a reception of 100 communal leaders and discussed the three main challenges Israel is currently facing: Iranian threat, social responsibility and making the best out of the recent gas deposit discovery. This reception was generously hosted by Investec Bank.

Minister Simhon led a trade delegation of twelve representatives of leading Israeli companies in various industries including, digital media, telecommunication, and cleantech. The purpose of his visit was to establish, promote and strengthen bi-lateral relations between the two countries.

Minister Simhon shared his vision for Israel’s economic future, including outcomes from the recent TRAJTENBERG COMMITTEE, which was established to examine and propose solutions to Israel's housing affordability and cost of living challenges – a challenge which has been shared with most OECD countries since the outbreak of the global financial crises.

In addition, Minister Simhon discussed the SHESHINSKI COMMITTEE outcomes, which was setup to make recommendations on how to best use Israel’s recent discoveries of off-shore natural gas, which is the world's largest finding in the past decade.

Minister Simhon also promoted bi-lateral opportunities between the two countries.

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