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Maria Atkinson, Group Head of Sustainability, Lend Lease, & Managing Director, Lend Lease Sustainability Solutions, 5 May 2011


Maria Atkinson addressed a Private Boardroom event for 20 senior business executives where she discussed “Doing business locally and globally - Why sustainability is the business deal maker”. This CEO Private Boardroom lunch was proudly sponsored by Freehills and Energetics.

Maria Atkinson has spent her career championing environmental, social and economic sustainability.

In 2002 when she co-founded the Green Building Council of Australia and became its founding CEO, critics talked about a green premium. Increasingly the focus is now on the brown discount. To paraphrase the GBCA report she initiated, green buildings and sustainability more broadly make dollars and sense.

Since 2006 Maria has been the Group Head of Sustainability for Lend Lease, with responsibility for managing sustainability across the Group, both internally and externally. In mid 2010 she was also appointed Managing Director of a new sustainability solutions business.

Previously Maria was the founding CEO and co-founder of the Green Building Council of Australia, and project Environment Manager for a number of Sydney 2000 Olympic projects.

As the Group Head of Sustainability for Lend Lease, Maria works across the organisation to respond to risks and strategic opportunities and to shape Lend Lease's global business to epitomize sustainability. She develops sustainability policy and standards and has oversight of the environmental and social performance for the Lend Lease Group. Maria also develops and communicates advocacy positions that ready the business, and property sector more broadly, to capitalise on the business opportunities.

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