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Justin Di Lollo, Managing Director, Hawker Britton 17 February 2011


Justin Di Lollo addressed a Private Boardroom event for 20 senior business executives where he discussed "2011 – a New Paradigm for Government Business in NSW and Federally". This boardroom event was generously hosted by Russell Reynolds Associates.

The coming year will most likely provide NSW with a new government for the first time in almost 16 years – which means a new way of doing business. At the same time, the Federal Government has earmarked 2011 as the year of ‘movement’ where it will attempt to implement policies while balancing its wafer thin majority.

There are few Australians better placed to provide useful insight into these changing dynamics which will impact how business engages with these governments than Justin Di Lollo who became Managing Director of Hawker Britton in 2010.

Hawker Britton is Australia's largest national and international government relations and public affairs company providing the private sector with high level expertise in Government Relations, Strategic Communications and Campaigns.

Working with Hawker Britton’s corporate clients in Sydney and Canberra, Justin advises senior managers on public sector decision-making, commercial processes, legislation, regulation and approvals. He works with leading Australian and international companies in the finance, telecommunications, technology, insurance, infrastructure, transport, health and energy industries.

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