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Julian Segal, Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, Caltex Australia Limited, 19 November 2010

Julian Segal addressed a CEO Boardroom event for 20 senior business executives where he discussed ‘The future of liquid fuels in the Age of Carbon’. This CEO boardroom event was generously hosted by Optus Business and Fujitsu.

NEW MARKET DYNAMICS created by climate change, geological and geopolitical pressures will transform our hydrocarbon economies.
The Age of Oil is being replaced by the Age of Carbon, when reducing greenhouse gas emissions will have a major influence on the use of fossil fuels including oil. Globally and in Australia, oil companies understand the need to supply growing demand for petroleum products while taking account of the fact that climate change, resource depletion and energy security pressures will increasingly act to reduce the use of oil.

The oil question is now, more than ever, A TRANSPORTATION FUEL QUESTION. Affordable and reliable supplies of petrol, diesel and jet fuel are the very lifeblood of our globalised economy. So it matters profoundly that we are entering an era in which oil will gradually supply less of our energy needs.

So what might low-carbon fuels look like and what are the implications for Australian industry and government policy?

JULIAN SEGAL, Caltex’s Managing Director & CEO, way well-placed to provide some possible answers as Caltex is Australia's leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer and the only integrated oil refining and marketing company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Julian was previously Managing Director at Incitec Pivot Limited, a leading global chemicals company and, prior to that, he spent six years at Orica in a number of senior management positions.

Proudly Hosted by :

             Optus Business                                   Fujitsu

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