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David Hudson, Executive General Manager, Risk Management Leighton Holdings Limited, 9 June 2009

CEO Boardroom

David Hudson addressed a CEO Boardroom lunch for 20 business leaders where he discussed “Risky Business”. This CEO Boardroom event was proudly hosted by Marsh.

Managing risk in all forms is no easy task for a complex business, especially in today’s world of financial and climate uncertainty.

And there are few more complex businesses than Leighton Holdings Limited, the parent company of Australia’s largest project development and contracting group.  The organisation has revenue of a $19bn and consists of 6 independent operating companies, who compete with each other.  This is a unique model in the construction world and leads to diverse risk and management challenges.  The Group is the largest contract miner in the world and one of the largest purchasers of Caterpillar equipment.

With around 40,000 employees, the Group’s operations extend throughout Australia, Pacific, Asia and the Middle East.

David Hudson, Executive General Manager for Risk Management at Leighton Holdings Limited, knows risk!  He has worked in the construction industry for 40 years in South Africa, Asia and Australia and been responsible for many significant infrastructure projects.  He was formerly Managing Director of Barclay Mowlem for 16 years and Vice President of the Australian Constructors Association.

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