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The Hon Eric Roozendaal MLC, NSW Treasurer, 3 April 2009

CEO Boardroom Lunch

The Hon Eric Roozendaal MLC addressed a private CEO boardroom lunch on the topic of “Keeping the NSW economy strong”.  This event was generously partnered by ANZ. 

The numbers aren’t pretty.  NSW’s unemployment rate is 5.4%, the budget deficit is set to hit $2 billion, and NSW has fallen behind the national growth average for the seventh year in a row.  Hanging on to its AAA rating, will NSW sink into recession with the rest of the States set to follow?

Tasked with managing the NSW economy and steering a path through these trouble global times is The Hon Eric Roozendaal MLC, Treasurer of NSW, responsible for the state’s $47.6 billion budget.

Mr Roozendaal was appointed Treasurer in September, 2008 after serving as the NSW Minister for Roads and the Minister for Commerce.  He has also served as the Minister for Ports and Waterways and as the Assistant Transport Minister with responsibility for buses, taxis and ferries since his appointment to the NSW Cabinet in August 2005.

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