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Mike Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer, IAG, 3 December 2008

CEO Boardroom

Mike Wilkins addressed a private boardroom lunch for 20 CEO's of the Chamber's Sponsor and Gold Club companies in Sydney on the topic of “My First 100 Days – View from the Boardroom on Business Sustainability.” This event was kindly hosted by Hostworks and Macquarie Group.

A critical period for any CEO is the first 100 days in office – getting to grips with the business, setting strategy, fixing problems and instilling culture. Most importantly, the focus is to create a sustainable business.

Michael Wilkins was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IAG in May 2008 and was formerly the Managing Director of Promina. In 2004, Michael was voted as Outstanding Chartered Accountant in Business and in 2005 as ANZIIF Insurance Personality of the Year.

According to Mike, IAG, “sustainability” is about bringing the future into today’s decision making for the benefit of its business, customers and communities. Sustainability is not an add-on, or a program that is run alongside IAG’s operations.

Instead, it is seen as an outcome - IAG will become a sustainable business by managing well all the dimensions of its business – economic, social and environmental.

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