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Ralph Norris, Managing Director and CEO, Commonwealth Bank Group - Tuesday 5 July 2011

Ralph Norris addressed this business luncheon with 155 executives where he led a presentation on "Future Directions in Australian Banking" and partook in an engaging interview with Daniel Hains, Director Forensic Technology, Vincents Chartered Accountants. This luncheon was proudly hosted by Vincents Chartered Accountants.

This insightful presentation with Ralph Norris, Commonwealth Bank CEO and Australian Bankers' Association (ABA) Chairman, discussed the outlook for both global and domestic banks; and the key challenges and opportunities facing the Australian Banking Industry.

Mr Norris joined the Commonwealth Bank as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in September 2005.

Formerly he was the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ASB Bank , the Commonwealth Bank’s New Zealand subsidiary, from 1991 and retired from that position in September 2001.

He joined Air New Zealand Limited as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in February 2002, having served on the company’s Board of Directors for three years.  Mr Norris left Air New Zealand to take up his appointment as CEO at the Commonwealth Bank.

During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of ASB, the organisation expanded nationally, grew its profitability six-fold and increased market share by 60 per cent whilst being consistently rated the best financial services provider in New Zealand. 

Mr Norris was credited with leading a turnaround at Air New Zealand by returning the company to profitability and introducing a more customer-focussed culture, for which he was honoured with New Zealand’s Executive of the Year Award in 2004. He was previously New Zealand’s Executive of the Year in his role at ASB Bank.

Mr Norris is Chairman of the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) and a Director of the Business Council of Australia.

Mr Norris was made a Distinguished Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to business in 2006.  He is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management, the New Zealand Computer Society, the Australian Institute of Management and is Chair of the Commonwealth Bank Foundation.

He is former Chairman of the New Zealand Bankers’ Association and Business Roundtable.

About the Interviewer:

Daniel is a Director of Vincents Chartered Accountants and heads the Forensic Technology unit.   

Daniel is a Chartered Accountant and is able to utilise his experience in financial investigations and forensic accounting to assist across a range of financial, commercial litigation and valuation engagements.  

He also works with our highly qualified computer analysts to deliver solutions in the field of electronic documents and digital evidence.  With wide experience in computer forensics, Daniel is also called as expert witness in matters involving data acquisition, computer analysis and electronic evidence. 

Daniel has been with Vincents since 2002.


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