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AICC Cyber Crime Business Lunch, Wednesday 25 June 2014

David Irvine AO, Director-General of Security, ASIO; Commander Glen McEwen OAM, Manager of Cyber Crime Operations at the AFP; Leon Fouche, Director of PwC; Kurt Hansen, Managing Director of Check Point Software Technologies addressed over 210 senior executives at a Brisbane business lunch where they discussed "Today's Security for Tomorrow's Threats". The event was kindly moderated by Alastair MacGibbon, General Manager of Security for Dimension Data and sponsored by Checkpoint Software Technologies.

Did you know - during a typical day at the office; 

  • Every 49 minutes sensitive data is sent outside the organisation
  • Every 10 minutes Malware is downloaded
  • Every 9 minutes a risky web application is used
  • Every 1 minute a computer accesses a malicious website

In a world of ever-changing cyber threats, organisations must understand the nature of the latest exploits, and how their networks are potentially impacted. Enterprises need to arm themselves with both cyber threat awareness and the appropriate security architecture to address these evolving challenges.

Whilst the potential of the internet and digital economy for Government and business is clearly a massive opportunity for Australia both locally and overseas over the next several years, alongside it, is the growing threat of criminal activity via cyber-attacks. There is little doubt that if cyber security is not quickly advanced on a global scale, potentially trillions of dollars in hard-earned economic value could be lost.

At this ‘must-attend’ forum, business leaders learnt from some of Australia’s finest Cyber Crime experts about issues such as; what the current cyber threats are and what your organisation can do to address them; the more recent china hacking “scandal” as well as some of the cyber challenges in the lead up to the G20.