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YBF: Karen Schmidt, Leadership Expert - Tuesday 10 September

Leadership expert, Karen Schmidt, joined over 40 young business executives at an AICC Qld's Young Business Forum event where she divulged valuable tips on "Developing tomorrow's leaders".

About Karen Schmidt

Karen has been nurturing leaders for more than 20 years. Her experience comes from working with organisations of all shapes and sizes representing industries as diverse as IT, financial services, direct selling, manufacturing, retail, the military and professional associations.

She is also the author of “Lessons in leading from the garden” and “Keep ‘em keen: a guide on engaging people of all ages and career stages”.

Today she works with current and future leaders across Australia, New Zealand and Asia in a diverse range of industries to help them create more engaging workplaces. Her clients include corporates, government, professional associations, educational institutions and not for profits.

With Karen’s vast experience, she will be able to assist you as a young professional in engaging within your current workplace and empower you to become a leader of tomorrow, as she discusses the following topics:

Being clear on why you want to lead

Five skills you need develop to be a great leader

Three ways to fast track your career as a leader


Developing tomorrow's leaders