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A Business Luncheon with Professor Assaf Yasur-Landau
Business Lunch

October 22nd 2019 12pm to 2pm
Intercontinental Adelaide
Non Member : $185
Member : $170
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Professor Assaf Yasur-Landau is the head of the Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies in the University of Haifa, Israel's leading Institute of Maritime archaeology. He also founded and directs the laboratory for Coastal Archaeology and Underwater Survey. He is Co-director of the excavations of the Canaanite Palace at Tel Kabri, a site which yielded Aegean style wall paintings and extensive wine storerooms.

Since 2010 he conducts underwater surveys in the Canaanite and Phoenician sites of Tel Achziv and Tel Dor, aiming to locate the Bronze and Iron Age anchorages as well as evidence for the role of maritime interactions in the economy of coastal settlements. 

Since 2016 he directs the underwater excavations at tel Dor, and part of the Dor land and sea initiative. These excavations have uncovered new structures belonging to the Iron Age harbor.  He is the author of ca. 70 articles and five books and edited volumes, including ThePhilistines and Aegean Migration in the Late Bronze Age. (Cambridge and New York. Cambridge University Press 2010, 2014). 

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