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"The Rise of Machines - what happens when your colleague is a Robot and an AI Assistant?" Thursday 27th April 2017
Young Business Forum (YBF)

Thursday 27th April 2017
The Capital
155 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000
AICC/YBF Members : $60
Non Members : $75
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"The Rise of Machines - what happens when your colleague is a Robot and an AI Assistant?"

Thursday 27th April 2017


A mixed workforce comprising people and robotics is not a science fiction movie, but an evolving reality. The term ‘workforce’ no longer simply refers to human resources, but cognitive systems, machines and robots too.

So what does a human and robotic workforce look like? Are humans managing machines or machines managing humans? What broader impacts may this have on our society and communities as a whole?…and what are the potential implications that need to be considered by our policy makers now?


The Speakers


Campbell Newman, Chairman, Arcana Capital

Campbell Newman1Campbell Newman, is the Chairman of Arcana Capital. He also holds Director’s positions with a start- up company in the field of Agricultural Robotics, an IOT startup, and a phosphate rock explorer.

He previously held the role of Premier of Queensland from 2012 to 2015 leading an ambitious program of reform to restore the State’s finances, kick start the economy and revitalise the public service. He also led a highly successful crack down on criminal motorcycle gangs. With the participation of 80,000 Queenslanders, he facilitated the creation of a 30 year vision and plan for the State – The Queensland Plan.

Prior to this, Campbell served as Lord Mayor of Brisbane from 2004 to 2011 and was involved in the conception and delivery of major infrastructure projects such as the multi- billion dollar Brisbane TransApex tunnel network, new bridges and major road upgrades. In 2009 he was awarded the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Chairman’s Award for Infrastructure Leadership.

Before entering politics, Campbell worked for six years as an executive for Grainco Australia in the grain storage, handling and logistics industry and also for four years as a management consultant working with large Australian companies such as BHP Australia Coal, the Hydro Electric Commission in Tasmania, Australian Wheat Board and Telstra.

He also spent 13 years in the Australian Army and served as an officer in the Royal Australian Engineers.

Campbell holds an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering (UNSW) an MBA in Financial Management (UQ) and is a graduate of RMC Duntroon. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia.

James Rasmussen, Application Portfolio Manager - Division of Technology, Information and Library Support, QUT

James Ramussen

James Rasmussen is the Application Portfolio Manager at QUT. He is managing a number of innovation initiatives using artificial intelligence:

• Developing a Virtual Email Assistant using IBM Watson to answer general student enquiries

• Developing a Robotic Concierge using IBM Watson and a Pepper robot, and

• Investigating Microsoft Cognitive Services for facial recognition, marking attendance and issuing student cards.

James is also gearing up to work with middle school students (years 5-9) through QUT’s Tinkering with Technology program to explore and discuss the social implications of using robots more-and-more in our everyday lives. How do movies shape our view of robots? Are they something to be feared, or are they friends?


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