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AICC SA Trade Mission June 2017
Trade Mission

13 - 18 June 2017
AICC Members : $5500
Non Members : $6500

The Chamber in South Australia is very pleased to announce that Mark Allison the CEO of Elders will be leading a trade mission from 13 - 18 June 2017 to Israel, focused on agriculture, water wine and food production.

Our mission leader, Mark Allison understands the benefits of engaging with the pre-eminent technology and small businesses that are emerging from Israel, especially within the agri-technological field.

Israel's agricultural challenges include, among other things, extremely hot weather, insufficient natural fresh water sources, and unsuitable soil. These challenges, coupled with the high level of entrepreneurship and substantial Research & Development investment, contributed to the development of the Israeli agri-tech sector. Furthermore, Israel world leadership in Food & Agriculture demonstrates the impact of the triple helix collaboration between Industry, Government and Research, with Israel being among the leading countries in agricultural technology with 280 related companies and 200 exporters of agri-tech services and products

The export turnover of the Israeli agri-tech sector is estimated at US $4 billion a year with Israel long being seen as the second home for agri-tech start-ups, confirming its status in 2015 as $550 million was raised on its shores.

 To look at water firstly, Israel’s desalination plants provide about 50% of the country's drinking water. According to government plans, by 2020 the desalination plants will provide more than 75% of drinking water in the country. The plant in Sorek is considered the largest desalination facility in the world. Another plant, located in Ashdod, is in advanced stages of construction. Exports account for 80% of the Israeli irrigation industry production, which represents 30% of the global drip irrigation market. Furthermore, Israel recycles 85% of its effluent, the highest percentage in the world.

Another prevalent industry that connects Israel and South Australia is Dairy. Today, the export revenues of the Israeli dairy sector are valued at US$100m per year. One of the leading companies in the industry is Afimilk, which provides advanced dairy management solutions. The company’s systems are used in more than 50 countries worldwide. The biggest achievement of Israel’s dairy farming industry is the annual milk production of the Israeli milking cow, which is considered as the highest in the world.

Israel Companies like Netafim, a producer of drip irrigation systems, and Evogene, a developer of plant genetics, have established themselves as global leaders through their innovative solutions to the unique agricultural challenges that Israel faces. South Australia could potentially benefit from a transfer of agri-technological information when we consider our relative advantages of water and soil.

For furither information please contact Rilka Waranoff 0411 113 749